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2013 marked the 80th anniversary of the Escoda Brush Company. Their goal, now as when they started, is to make the very best brush possible for the fine artist. The Escoda family's consistent commitment to excellence has earned the firm the prestigious Quality Certificate ISO 9001. This is a very rare and distinguished achievement for an art materials manufacturer and Escoda is the first brush maker in Europe to earn this recognition.

The Escoda factory, 15 miles outside of Barcelona, employs over 30 brushmaking professionals, each of whom has years of practice and experience in their respective specialty, from grading of raw materials to hand-shaping and assembling the brushes to packaging and shipping. Each brush is made by hand, one at a time. Uniquely, Escoda "cures" each brush with an exclusive process unknown and unavailable to any other manufacturer. This builds a memory into each brush allowing it to keep its shape and enhance the desired natural characteristics of the fine hairs or synthetic filaments. Additionally, each ferrule is crimped three times, permanently securing it to the handle, another practice exclusive to Escoda.

Even under the watchful eye of seasoned professionals, the occasional tiny production defect will occur. Any Escoda brush that does not comply with the demanding quality controls dictated by Quality Certificate ISO 9001 is donated to a charity for people "at difficult and solitary times in their lives."

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