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At the employee-owned Golden Artist Colors, they take tremendous pride in the quality, service and support they provide for the Fine Arts community. Many artists have wondered how they create such perfect strokes on their color charts. The answer? Synchronized color chart painting!

Sam Golden, the namesake of Golden Artist Colors, began his lifetime in the artists' materials industry during the 1930's when he joined his uncle Leonard Bocour at Bocour Artist Colors in New York City. Many of the great New York School artists of the mid-century used Bocour's Bellini oil paint, but advancements in plastics technologies after World War II were making artists' paints created with polymer resins a viable alternative for the next wave of painters. Bocour and Golden called their newly developed fast drying acrylic Magna. Unlike acrylic paint of today, it was soluble in turpentine or mineral spirits. By 1960, water based acrylic technology had improved to the point where Bocour introduced Aqua-Tec Acrylic as a water miscible alternative to Magna.

Sam's retirement to upstate New York in the early 1970's didn't last long. By 1980, Sam and his son Mark, with the assistance of Sam's wife Adele and Mark's wife Barbara and partner Chuck Kelly, began producing acrylic paint in his New Berlin cow barn under the name of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. The popularity of the original Heavy Body acrylics quickly spawned the development of more unique product lines, resulting in additions to the barn to nearly eight times the original size in 1985, doubling the size again in 1990 and, most recently adding 31,000 more square feet in 1997.

Today, Mark Golden, CEO of Golden Artist Colors, has a simple mission statement that drives his company: "To grow a sustainable company dedicated to creating and sharing the most imaginative and innovative tools of color, line and texture for inspiring those who turn their vision into reality.