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Few figures in the artists' materials industry can lay claim to such a storied family history as Dominique Sennelier. Dominique represents the third of four generations who have served artists at the Maison Sennelier, near the Louvre in Paris. Grandfather Gustave, who started the company in 1887, created unique oil colors for the likes of Monet and Cezanne (who often painted in the Sennelier garden). Henri, Dominique's father and an accomplished chemist, famously invented the oil pastel for Pablo Picasso, while his Uncle Charles also worked in the family business with his father and brother. Dominique began his apprenticeship in color chemistry at the age of 24, took over as director of the company in 1969 at the age of 31 and was responsible for bringing the range of Sennelier products to America in the late 1970's. Today, daughter Sophie is CEO of the Sennelier stores, having begun working with her father in 1990.

Wet Paint has been honored to host two visits from Dominique Sennelier, once in 1997 and most recently in 2005. For someone whose products have been used by many of the greatest artists of three centuries, and whose company is steeped in such tradition, we found him to be a gracious and approachable guest. Although he told many interesting stories of the past, it was evident that Mr. Sennelier's passion was his company's dedication to the artists of the future through his commitment to quality and innovation.

Wet Paint stocks the full range of 525 colors of Sennelier's soft pastels, the full range of 120 colors of Sennelier's oil pastels and giant oil pastels, the full range of 145 oil paints and an extensive selection of their oil paint mediums.

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